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The Rudy Bruner Award is a prestigious and coveted award that recognizes the transformative power of architecture in U.S. urban contexts. Every year, the Rudy Bruner Award honors excellence in urban design through thoughtful and innovative approaches to building cities for people of all backgrounds and walks of life. The award, sponsored by the Bruner Foundation, has been given out since 1987 and has recognized a number of remarkable projects from around the country that have transformed their respective communities.

One particular example of this transformative power was seen in 2018 when Philadelphia’s Dilworth Park was honored with the Silver Medal. With its bright green lawns, interactive fountains, public art installations, new pedestrian connections to adjacent neighborhoods and amenities such as cafes, an ice-skating rink, gardens, and open spaces – all designed to draw people into the city center – Dilworth Park is now an inviting destination for citizens and visitors alike. This transformation was a direct result of the Rudy Bruner Award which provided critical funds to enable its realization as well as rigorous assessments from experts to determine how best it could be realized.

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